Sisprod is a company dedicated to supply equipment, consumables and services to the electronic production industry. Has a professional   team   with  a  very high   experience   level  in   the  market   that   guarantees  to  his  partners   an  excellent representativeness not just on the Portuguese market, from  where  Sisprod has initially established, but also on the Spanish market, very well known of our team and which is the main market for the expansion of his activity.

Since   many  years  that  our  team  works  in a harmony with the most prestigious brands which gives to our valued customers a high level of knowledge, technical and also on process,  a fact for which is regularly consulted in order to generate solutions that meet the requirements of each customer.


What  drives  us,  is the  fact  that  we  can get seriously, dedication and professionalism to all  those who choose  to  trust  on our services.  For Sisprod the customer is more than that, it is an indispensable partner to mutual and continuous  growth based on unshakable trust relationships

“Sisprod, the added value for your plant"

Sisprod Quality Policy

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