The origin of Jovy Systems®, an international Hong Kong company, dates back to the 2005's with the development of single BGA rework station. Years of consistent innovation, advanced technology, and targeted solutions provided a solid foundation and ever increasing market share. Today, Jovy Systems is a trusted leader in the repair industry. Jovy's comprehensive portfolio is the future of repair industry and electronics solutions.

Jovy's market leadership and market dominance, coupled with the resources of parent German technology and international investors, make it possible for us to take the industry into the next generation of electronics industry, and keeps the repair industry up to date. Today, we offer proven next generation applications for all the innovative electronic products.

Accordingly, thousands of repair centers, factories, military bases to industries such as transportation, healthcare, education, oil, chemical and utilities, have successfully using Jovy's leading edge technology and its best-of-class partners ultimately serving thousands' of global customers.