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​SMART:count SMD Reel printer

SMART:Count is designed to code reels of SMD components to enable stores personnel to quickly and accurately gauge the quantity of product remaining on a reel. The machine is used to unwind a reel of components, then rewind it printing a component count onto the cover tape as it rewinds. The system utilises a Domino G-Series thermal inkjet printer to print directly on to the cover tape using a fast drying durable ink. The printer requires no maintenance or cleaning and uses cartridges similar to an office printer for quick, clean and efficient usage.

Electronic components are at the core of all technology surrounding us. Due to the complexity required to manage
parts inventory, and considering the high cost of IC’s, manufacturers invest in enormous resources to retain the most accurate data possible of actual components in stock.

One common challenge of SMT warehouses occurs when open reels going in and out of production aren't always properly counted. As a result, the inventory count is not updated and the supply chain distorts. Inaccurate inventory
management may even disrupt production schedules.

SMART:count allowing you full control of your IC’s inventory! Manufacturers who integrate count printing on tape reels reap the benefits of maximum accuracy. Making kits, inventory counting, and workdays are now a breeze. Printed reels save costs, enhance the workflow, and improve stock relocation and logistics.

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