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Conformal Coatings for Electronics Applications

Fields of Use – Requirement Profiles – Characteristics – Processing
Dr. Manfred Suppa, Head of Research and Development at Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co KG, published by Werner Peters, first edition 2012, 500 pages, with 329 illustrations and 112 tables.

Besides the soldering joints left blank by solder mask, at various components on the printed circuit board there are also different electrical potentials in contact. In order to protect these potentials against climatic load, conformal coatings, thick-film lacquers or casting compounds may be employed, depending on the requirements. Their main task is the protection against malfunction or failure of the completed assemblies, even under difficult operating conditions. While the majority of assemblies are installed unprotected in the terminals, and work flawlessly throughout their whole life cycle, with certain applications a permanent operation can only be ensured when the printed circuit board assembly receives a protective coating.

This book presents the practitioner and expert with the current state of knowledge relating to conformal coatings and points out future developments. For the first time, the reader can find an end-to-end view to guarantee the functionality of electronic assemblies with conformal coatings under defined operating conditions. Accordingly, the main focus lies on the complex interactions between the conformal coatings used, the manufacturing process employed, the quality control and reliability studies for conformal coatings. Practically relevant chemical and physical backgrounds relating to corrosion and failure mechanisms of electronic assemblies are discussed and explained. Likewise, failure mechanisms and their causes are portrayed in detail and, by means of many examples, suggestions as to the choice of conformal coatings and assessment of protective lacquers given.

This book is a reference book for becoming acquainted with and consultation for both the conformal coating of electronic assemblies as well as for electronic functional structures, based on a wealth of experience gained over decades by Lackwerke Peters.