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Auxiliary products for casting compounds

Accelerating agents, adhesion promoters, grip coating, sealing mastic, mould release agent, cleaning agent

Accelerating agents of the series B 4400
accelerating agents for various polyurethane resin casting compounds
reduce the curing time but also the processing time thus preferably for use in mixing and dispensing units
are stirred into component A prior to processing the casting compound

Adhesion promotoers of the series EH 13.950
adhesion promoters to improve the adhesion of numerous casting compounds and casting resins based on polyurethane resin (PUR) or epoxy resin (EP) and electropastes
EH 13.950 is applied thinly to the parts that will come into contact with the casting compound. After the solvent has evaporated potting can be immediately effected
EH 13.951 is mixed thoroughly with the casting compound prior to potting. Concentration: 1–3%

Grip coating G 4660
grip coating for cold curing, addition cross-linking Wepesil silicone rubber casting compounds
improves adhesion of Wepesil silicone rubber casting compounds to the substrate
for pre-treatment of the cleaned and grease-free substrate to be coated
improved adhesion on account of longer oven curing

EH 13.271 Sealing Mastic
Permanently elastic
Formable by hand

EH 13.650 Mould Release Agent
Solvent, Silicone and methylene chloride free
Reliable, clean and easy removal in nearly all casting resin systems, even when complex forms are required
Non-flammable and reliable during processing

R 13.780 Cleaning Agent
Cleaning Agent 

Universal cleaner for 2-pack casting resins and casting compounds 
Quick and through cleaning effect 
High dissolving power 
Evaporate residue-free