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Wepesil silicone-rubber casting compounds

-cuttable, so that in case of repair work components can be exchanged. After replacement new potting is possible.
-excellent dielectric properties; both the dielectric constant and the dissipation factor tan δ are almost independent of temperature and frequency over a broad temperature range
-extremely high temperature stability
-excellent tear strength
-for use in hermetically encapsulated casings
-high elasticity, exceptionally low heat development and very low shrinkage pressure during curing, thus particularly suitable for casting sensitive components (glass diodes, sensors, etc.)

VU 4675
addition cross-linking, thus no separation products when cured
good flowability
particularly good thermal conductivity (approx. 1.2 W/mk) due to ceramic fillers
thermal class 200 = 200 °C based on DIN IEC 60085

VU 4691 E
Base: Silicone-Rubber

Addition cross-linking
Especially suited for the use in sensor technology
Excellent dielectric properties
Extraordinary high temperature resistance (insulating class C: > 180º C)
High elasticity and tear resistant
Suitable for repair work

VU 4694 E
Base: Organo-poly-siloxane

Addition cross-linking, thus suitable for application in hermetically encapsulated housings
Good flowability
High elasticity and tear resistance
Particularly good thermal conductivity (approx. 0.8W/mk)
Sectile, replacement of components for repair purposes possible
Thermal class 200 = 200º C (392º F)