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Wepox casting resins on epoxy resin basis

-excellent resistance to water, moisture and aggressive media
-very good adhesion
-excellent dielectric properties
-high mechanical strength and resistance
-thermal class B = 130 °C [266 °F] based on DIN IEC 60085
-for use in the electronics, electrotechnology and electrical engineering industries to seal and pot electronic components and all types of coils that can be subjected to the comparatively low heat generation and shrinkage pressure for epoxy resin systems

VT 3000
Base: Epoxy resin (EP)

Excellent protection against shock, impact and vibration
Low viscosity
Suitable for optoelectronic
Yellowish - Transparent

VT 3002
long processing/pot life
highly transparent even in thick layers

Dyestuff concentrate FK 3030
for dying transparent epoxy resin casting resins
in thin layers a transparent or opaque potting can be achieved depending on the quantity added; potting is opaque in thicker layers