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Insulating varnishes

-1- and 2-pack insulating and encapsulating varnishes for electrical engineering and general electrotechnology
-for the insulation of impregnated coils and windings, contact rails, etc.
-good protection against corrosion, also for assembled printed circuit boards
-good resistance to moisture, in particular condensation, numerous chemicals, grease and oils
-very good dielectric properties
-already dry at room temperature; application of heat reduces the drying times

US 9400
Base: Polyurethane (PUR)

2-Pack insulating varnish
Excellent protection against corrosion
Excellent resistance to moisture and condensation
High temperature resistance (insulation class F = 155ºC)
Very good adhesion to virtually all substrates
Very good chemical resistance

UG 10.133 series
base: polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)
application: dipping, brushing, spraying
insulating and engine casing varnishes, also suitable as varnishes for transformer housings and wire wrappings
already dry quickly at room temperature (approx. 60 min), thus also well suited for urgent repair work
high surface hardness
thermal class B = 130 °C [266 °F] based on DIN IEC 60085
can be soldered through for repair purposes