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Opaque encapsulation of optical components

-jet-black casting compounds exhibit an excellent contrast to embedded LEDs
-white castings compounds are distinguished by an outstanding yellowing resistance
-protection against humidity and other environmental influences

VU 4442/61 HE
Base: Polyurethane resin (PUR) 

High elasticity 
High temperature stability (insulation class E = 120º C) 
Particularly suitable for use in sensor technology

VT 4444/31 SB-WB
Base: Polyurethane resin (PUR)

Corresponds to the best flame class V-0 in accordance with UL 94
Extremely resistant to weathering and UV radiation
Good adhesion
Low heat development and low shrinkage pressure
Provides excellent contrast to embedded LEDs

VU 4453/101 WR
Base: Polyurethane resin (PUR) / Polybutadiene 

Extremely low water absorption 
High elasticity 
Particularly suited for sensitive electronic components (e. g. sensors, glass diodes, etc.) 
Very low heat development and low shrinkage pressure in the curing phase

VU 4490/31 K
Particularly distinguished by their high hardness and mechanical strength 
High yellowing resistance, thus particularly suited for application in optoelectronics 
The smooth white surface lends the cast object a particularly high-grade appearance 
VU 4490/31 K: owing to the accelerated curing (Index K = catalysed) processing possible only in mixing and dispensing units