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Conformal coatings and casting compounds for photovoltaic applications

The over the years acquired know-how for the development of conformal coatings and castings compounds for the protection against environmental influences, temperature and humidity stress, is already successfully used for the manufacturing of capable solar modules and the appropriate measurement and control tefchnology.

SL 1306 N
Base: Modified acrylate resins

Excellent resistance to condensation and climatic influences, including surface dewing
Minimum odour
Outstanding  corrosion protection for example, electro corrosion and migration) for assembled pcbs/flat packs
Suitable for the conformal coating of uncleaned assemblies when no-clean fluxes are used
UL approval as permanent coatings in accordance with UL 94
Very high tracking resistance (CTI > 600)

VT 4459/41 SV-HF
Base: Polyurethane resin (PUR)

Best flame class UL 94 V-0
Excellent mechanical resistance
Free of halogen containing fire protection agents
Low heat generation and low shrinkage pressure while curing

VT 4444/31 SB-WB
Base: Polyurethane resin (PUR)

Corresponds to the best flame class V-0 in accordance with UL 94
Extremely resistant to weathering and UV radiation
Good adhesion
Low heat development and low shrinkage pressure
Provides excellent contrast to embedded LEDs