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Sontara CleanMaster Fine Pitch

-Blend of polyester and cellulose, in a uniform and super resistant fabric.

-Especially effective fabric to clean, produced by means of a high-pressure hydro-blending process to bond the fibers without using glue.

- Open and interlaced structure that allows a better capture of the solder paste.

- "Hydro interlaced" manufacturing process by the (spunlacing) method which uses high speed water jets to intertwine the fibers in the form of a net.

- Fabrics made by this method have specific properties such as high softness and absorption.

- Resistant, absorbent and practically free of particle creation.

Unique characteristics give the QTEK a high degree of absorption capability and efficiency during the stencils cleaning process.


Low cost of use:


• Higher yield
• Less time to clean misprints, less rework, less scrap
• Increased efficiency• Less cleaning cycle time
• Reduction of materials
• Less solvent using cleaning fabric

• Less waste stream
• 1 FP roller normally replaces 3 to 5 standard rollers

QTEK produces rolls for all major screen printing brands machines:


  •   DEK
  •   MPM
  •   EKRA
  •   FUJI
  •   SONY