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SMT splice tapes and tools



Single Splice Tape:        

Join cover tapes of component rolls
Precise attachment and alignment

Double Splice Tapes:

Guarantees perfect and reliable joints
Joining without any tools or fixtures

Splicing Station:

Mobile unit
Contains all products for splicing
Splice tool, ESD-safe trolley
Splice scissors

Panasonic Splice Tape:

Splicing new reels to old reels
For machines with an intelligent feeder
Contains a sensor

Splice Clips:

Used with tape splicing tool
Joins old reel to beginning of new

Combined Splice Tape and Clip:

High accuracy & reliability
Single operation
Combines clip & splice tape

Extensor de Cover Tape:

Adds 380mm starter to cover tape
Saves components being wasted
Strong adhesive bond

Splice Tape Scissor:

Specialised tool
Uses locating pins
Accurate and aligned cutting

Tape Splicing Tool:

For attaching the end of a depleted reel
Avoids production stoppages
Locating pins for accurate alignment