Aqueous Technologies is not your typical cleaning equipment company.  We are proud of our unique approach to cleaning and cleanliness testing.   An  approach  that  begins  with  our  core competency.  At Aqueous Technologies, we live and breathe cleaning. In fact, we only manufacture cleaning  / defluxing  systems,  cleanliness  testers, and stencil / misprint cleaning machines.  These products represent our core competency.   Designing cleaning and cleanliness testing  equipment that provides best-in-class performance, efficiency, and value represents our core values.   By  limiting  our  product  line  to  a  single competency, we are able to offer products that represent “best practices”, a fact emphasized by the thirty seven prestigious industry awards bestowed upon our defluxing, cleanliness testing, and stencil cleaning products, more than all other cleaning equipment companies combined. At Aqueous Technologies, we design and manufacture our own products right here in our state-of-the-art Southern California manufacturing facility which we purchased in 2005 (conveniently located near Southern California’s Ontario International Airport).  Throughout our near twenty year history, we have manufactured and installed more than 3,300 machines across six continents. Our products are in use today by leading military, aerospace, communications, medical, and commercial OEM’s and EMS providers. 

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