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Eco Cycler

Stop sending solution to the drain! Turn your batch format cleaning system into a closed-loop (zero-discharge) configuration with the purchase of a ECO-CYCLER Rinse Water Recycler system from Aqueous Technologies. 

Aqueous Technologies' Model ECO-CYCLER Rinse Water Recycler provides capture, filtration, re-deionization, and reuse of rinse water from Aqueous Technologies Trident LD or other batch-format Aqueous defluxing systems. 

The ECO-CYCLER Rinse Water Recycler is constructed with durable, corrosion-resistant welded polypropylene. A built-in stainless steel, high performance recirculation/filtration pump directs waste rinse water through dual particulate filters and carbon and resin media tanks. A user may obtain carbon and resin media tanks directly from Aqueous Technologies or through a media vendor of their choice. 

The ECO-CYCLER Rinse Water Recycler is equipped with both low and high level float switches which allow for automatic water replenishment and protection against run-dry operation. Dual pressure gauges monitor the condition of the two particulate filters. A built-in digital resistivity meter provides real-time monitoring and display of the actual cleanliness of the water.