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Highly efficient and highly effective de-flushing equipment, equipped with patented multi-award winning "Focus Wash" technology, to remove residues and any other contaminants after welding without difficulty.

During the cleaning cycle the rack that transports the products moves gently in order to completely cover the shadow effect and get the liquid to reach 100% of the plate area. With an upper rotating arm, or optionally a lower one, designed with asymmetrically positioned, this equipment can be used only with water or with a mixture of chemicals.

The closed washing solution recirculation circuit allows to save on water and in detergent, also allows an automatic dosing of the chemical and is equipped with a system to treat residues and a system of constant level contamination test in order to set the number of cleaning cycles required to meet the cleaning level set point.

It also has a forced air convection drying system that allows the hot plates to dry quickly. As it could not be, it has statistical software that provides all the relevant information about each cleaning cycle, being able to see this information in the PC itself as well as to export to other formats. It exists in several versions: Oneshot, LD, XLD, CL, Duo, Trio and Quad.