The fusion of the electrical tests solutions activities, legacy of the IBM Group in Vimercate,  with  the  optical inspection systems  know-­‐how  of  ORPRO  Vision  (developed on the basis of Orbotech-­‐Schuh expertise and MyAutomation board handling know-­‐how) has given birth to a new player in the arena, DeltaVTM Srl.

DeltaV’s mission is to offer a wide range of electrical test systems and confirm its presence in the international market, relaunching the universally acclaimed high-­‐performance ORPRO Vision AOI products. 

DeltaV’s  commitment  is  to  repropose  AOI  products  with  upgraded  solutions,  making  them  even  more  reliable and  competitive. DeltaV  is  developing  and adding  new  products  to  the  existing  ones,  with  a  view  to  combining German  solidity  and  Italian  design  in  order  to  guarantee  maximum  quality  and  optimum performance. 

DeltaV’s  “Test  Solution  Team”  offers  customers  comprehensive  support  and  assistance,  from  the  definition  of the  testing  strategy  to  the  implementation  of InCircuit  and  Functional  solutions.  Test  benches  are  designed  to meet  the  customer's requirements, allowing for the use of any carrier or test vector.