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ELS 3.3

The Inertec ELS 3.3 Inline is the best solution for flexible production with a high level of product mix.

Batch or Inline

Very versatile selective soldering equipment with mini wave technology and various configurations available, from manual loading and unloading to fully integrable in the production line. Designed for high flexibility requirements, it is very easy to program and can process PCBs up to 500 x 500 mm. The standard flux system is by spray and can optionally also be fitted with a micro drop nozzle for higher precision applications.

The PCBs are transported through a gripper that can handle carriers as well as, in a less economical but more flexible version, directly manipulate the PCB. The cube with only 60Kg can be used individually or split into two in order to process two different weld types on the same equipment and has the capacity to work with a maximum of 4 mini waves at the same time or individually. As options there is the possibility of having an endoscopic chamber to monitor the process in real time, automatic welding feed and different types of preheating.

             Batch                     In Line