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Inline AOI

With the introduction of the PowerSpector line of AOIs, MEK has developed a system that covers the inspection needs for high volume production lines. With its nine camera system (one orthogonal and eight side cameras), the PowerSpector allows the inspection and visualization of the components in real time angular and orthogonal images and the evaluation of solder menisci, presence, polarity and displacement (among others) with the possibility of algorithm application on the angular images.

With 3 conveyor sizes to serve the majority of the electronics industry, the PowerSpector also comes in BTL configuration, where two inspection heads allow the simultaneous inspection of top and bottom assemblies. Each head in the BTL system has the same 9 camera configuration and the same inspection software and algorithm capability. All inspections are gathered by CSCentre and are available to the operator via CSRepair software. With this software the operator can judge the inspections done in the AOI and in it the operator has the same angular images used by the system during inspection.

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