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Power Spector


With the PowerSpector series of desktop AOIs, MEK has developed the only desktop system in the market to use side cameras. This series has available the GTAz and GDAz inspection heads. The GTAz head has a top clearance of 30mm and 8 10um resolution side cameras, useful for all kinds of SMT components. T

he GDAz head has a top clearance of 60mm and 8 20um resolution side cameras, especially developed for taller components and THT applications. These models use the same inspection software available on all MEK machines with the same algorithms and possibilities of use. All inspections done by the system are collected via CSCentre software and are available for classification via CSRepair. In the latter the workers will classify the inspections performed by the system and have at their disposal, for better judgement, the angular images taken by the AOI.

See the video:

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