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Since 2011, MIMOT has been developing and implementing the priciples of Industry 4.0 and the future smart factory rules for all products.
The new Smart Factory Storage System is a fully automatical system Developing and implementing the principles of Industrie 4.0.

Modular expandable:

  • The modular build up of it take care of all requirements of the customer.
  • The System works without any operator.
  • A lot of Options are possible to integrat in  the system at any time e.g. AGV, X-Ray counter, drying Module with option to heat it up till 40°C
  • The system is self-learning and self-optimizing
  • The average storage times are less than 20sec / reel.
  • Several full automatic I/O station can be defined.
  • The full ESD capability has been certified by 2 independent institutes.
  • Capacity more than 20,000 reels are possible

What kind of challenges can you recognize?

    • Get the reels at the right place;Get the reels at the right time;
    • Get the reels in the right order / sequence;
    • Quality – is Traceability a need;
    • FIFO – First in First out;
    • MSL - overaged components;
    • Handling reels – process optimization / time;
    • Returning at the right place;
    • Counting the components – X-Ray;
    • Inventory what’s actually in stock;
    • Are you ready for “Smart Factory” or “Industry 4.0.

See our video:

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